Educated Leaders develop
and make people want to stay

Masterclass Leadership:
Combining horse assisted and Business-Coaching

Why we do it

Educated Leaders improve the profitability of companies.

Sounds familiar? You attended a training and return full of power, but you fall back to your old habits within days.

The key issue: the trainings aim at reason, the brain. Emotion, the heart, is addressed by the supporting program and is detached from the contents.

What we do

Our Masterclass turns emotion into something tangible and connects it to the reason, heart and brain.

Working with horses transfers content into something you experience. Theory is not standing by itself and is linked to emotion. Linking heart and brain fixes the content, experiences are sustainable and are implemented into behavior.

In just 2 day you experience Leadership in a unique combination of heart and brain.

This is truly unique in Germany.


Where we do it

Particular experiences need special places. Our Masterclass take place on Gut Gremmelin.

“Gut Gremmelin … was awarded several times best Seminar Hotel in Germany”

Situated at the border of the Mecklenburg lake district the historic manor offers the quiet, the professional surrounding and the environment for masterclasses for heart and brain.


Customer Quotes


All Masterclasses focus on communication. In the 2-day course you experience unfiltered feedback to your communication skills through horse coaching. You get the theoretical as well as practical link to your tasks.

Open Masterclasses

In open Masterclasses leaders from different companies come together (max. 2 per company). The agenda is fixed.


  • Leadership
  • Leading leaders
  • Conflict management

Company Masterclasses

Company Masterclasses are courses for participants from one company only. They include 6 to 12 participants.

The client defines the focus of the Masterclasses.